Elektro-Valo Oy is a Finnish luminaire producer whose factory is located in Uusikaupunki. The company was set up in 1981 and it has belonged to the Helle-group since 2008.

Elektro-Valo Oy produces and designs luminaire solutions for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Lighting solutions that our company has done are seen in homes and many public spaces such as malls, factories, sports halls, schools and kindergartens.

Not only we produce luminaries that are seen in our product catalog but we also do custom-made luminaries which are our specialty. We are the leading greenhouse luminaire manufacturer and the luminaries that we produce are for professional greenhouse growers. In addition, we work as a contract manufacturer for multiple industry´s leading luminaire suppliers and we produce their products in their own brand. One of the most recent tailoring projects has been the luminaire-restoration of Finnish Parliament´s basic renovation.

In the making we use high-quality materials such as electrically zinced and galvanized steel, sterling reflector materials and also products from the largest and highest class electronic equipment and component manufacturers.  Luminaries can be equipped with the latest sensors, automatism and drivers. In the LED-luminaries we use homogeneous, leading manufacturers´ components. Recyclable materials are used as often as it´s possible.

From the quality and safety standards, Elektro-Valo Oy´s operations fulfill the quality requirements that the ISO 9002 has set. Also the low voltage directive´s 2006/95/EY and EMC-directive´s 2004/108/EY are being fulfilled depending on the luminaire type´s installation, location and use.

Our company has its own measurement laboratory with reliable and encompassing measurement methods. Ready-made luminaries will be checked before packaging.